Children of Kathaldi (the Kathaldi Chronicles Book 1)

by Ron L. Lahr

“Look, I’m not writing this to feed my ego. Or to get free drinks, or have ladies throw themselves at me. I’m sure that will all happen, but it’s not why I am doing this.” Dirk – ch 1.
The Kathaldi Chronicles are an epic tale of a long forgotten evil that has returned to conquer the world.
The Kathaldi hate the gods. The gods are afraid of the Kathaldi. The last time they tangled most of the world was destroyed.
The only hope is a small group of friends. Join Dirk as he tells their story. Who is Dirk?
He’s a thief & a scoundrel. Now he needs to help his best friend save the world.
Some wonder why Dirk would help. Look, he’s a jerk, not a monster.
And if the world is destroyed who would Dirk steal from?
Does that make him a hero? Hopefully the ladies will think so.
There’s adventure, heroes aplenty, magic, monsters, evil deeds, & lots of laughs as Dirk tells how he saved the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic