Chasing Lightning

by DM Fike

A secret society of wizards live in our untamed forests, protecting nature against supernatural threats.

Ina commands the four elements from her fingertips—water, earth, fire, and air. When a cryptid monster with a Medusa gaze preys upon the coast, she can’t stop the horrific massacre of endangered animals. Things only get worse when police officer Vincent Garcia believes Ina to be responsible for the corpses left behind.

Caught between her sacred vows to shun human civilization and law enforcement gunning for her arrest, Ina must draw upon a forbidden power. Will summoning lightning defeat her enemy, or will the storm destroy Ina first?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Breathing Water

by DM Fike

Ina’s still got a lot to learn before becoming a seasoned nature wizard. No matter how hard she tries to master water magic, she just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

But she’ll need to figure it out soon. Something sinister is hunting the animal spirits that protect the Pacific Northwest’s waterways. Can Ina trust officer Vincent Garcia to locate this new threat? And if she does find it, can she stop it with her unstable elemental magic?

The Magic of Nasci is the not-so-urban fantasy series that takes you out of the city and into the dark corners of the world’s last wild spaces.

Previously $3.99