Chase: The Boy Who Hid

by Z Jeffries

Don’t hide from your feelings. Hide from the killer robot hunting you.

I skipped Grandad’s funeral because there’s no way he’s dead. But then I discover his secret life: hotshot engineer and pilot in a top-secret government game of hide and seek. To find out what happened him, I have to take his spot in the military camouflage challenge, DARPA’s game where shapeshifters, mechs, and telepaths hide from a robot seeker. It’s also where Grandad vanished.

I’ll play along- gain the team’s trust, master the tech, and avoid catching feelings for the team navigator. If I can do all that, then maybe I can survive the dangerous game. But if it comes down to winning or finding Grandad, I’ll ditch the game and betray my team in a millisecond. Even if it means I go missing, too.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Miss: The Girl in Disguise

by Z Jeffries

When teammates turn into rivals, friends will become enemies.

After an entire year involved in the secret government game of hide and seek known as the Military Camouflage Challenge, or MC Squared, I’m once again in the dangerous position of team captain. After my old teammate Harla gathers a team of her own, suddenly nobody’s around to support me.

As Harla commits to finding out who runs the mysterious game, I commit to winning. When the game endangers the lives of everyone’s teams, we’ll have to put aside our differences to save our mentors, friends, and exes. But maybe I care more about winning than helping my enemies.

Previously $3.99