Caught in Time

by Sheron McCartha

A Time Travel Adventure with Romance

On a colony planet called Alysia, Rowena Gray is sent back in time to assassinate the king who is thought to originate mutant Talents,
But mistaken identity leads her astray and she falls in love with the self-absorbed king she was sent to kill.
Once there, she finds the past not as charming as she expected with little plumbing, a traitor in the royal court, an impossible love, and, ah yes, an imminent war. Within days robbers, rapists and thieves attack them, but Rowena has to be careful not to change future time lines through her actions.
Not only that, she discovers that she is a re-gendered clone from the last dying time traveler sent in desperation to save their future. Is she even human?
And, how can she save that future if love and circumstances keep tripping her up?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure