by Paul Heingarten

Explore the intergalactic intrigue in Catalyst, a collection of six stories about Ling Galaxy, where the threat to peace grows daily. Essence, the life giving substance, is distributed to Ling Galaxy by the Nara as it has been for centuries. But, forces have arisen to take control over Ling and do away with the Nara once and for all. The last of humanity finds itself in the midst of this war, where trusting the wrong group could mean the end of everything. Regulation Officer Selina Ravencraft, a pioneer’s daughter, is doing what she can to help her fellow humans settle and keep their makeshift colony of NewEarth safe. But, their new home on the planet Zormad is anything but secure. Ling Galaxy, where Zormad resides, is quickly descending into war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera