Casimir Bridge

by Darren D Beyer

A manned, interstellar survey ship has gone missing.
A nuclear terror plot is thwarted just outside Washington, D.C. And it’s an election year. Mandisa “Mandi” Nkosi is a young reporter who is contacted by an anonymous source with evidence that material seized from a nuclear terror plot will point squarely at one of humanity’s most important companies as the supplier–and this “evidence” is a setup, and part of a plot to gain control of the company’s technological secrets. The deeper Mandi digs, the more of a target she becomes. What follows is a heart-pounding, ride through the hallowed halls of big government, far-flung star systems, and the revelation of a conspiracy that runs so deep, Mandi’s life, and the future of humanity, are put at stake.

Previously $3.99

Category: Hard Science Fiction

Pathogen Protocol

by Darren D. Beyer

A conspiracy, led by CEO-turned-politician, Gregory Andrews, has succeeded in taking over the Applied Interstellar Corporation (AIC), and its stockpile of the element that enables interstellar travel. But Andrews didn’t get everything. AIC’s leader, Jans Mikel, escaped to a hidden base where he harbors the company’s greatest secrets, the most profound of which is that humans are not alone in the galaxy.

As Andrews seeks to finish AIC, Mandi Nkosi sets off to help Jans forge new alliances. Their journey takes them beyond the realms of known space and uncovers revelations about humanity that shake the foundations of science. Meanwhile, AIC soldier Grae Raymus, commanding a resistance aimed at buying time, discovers that Andrews is little more than a pawn. With humanity’s future hanging in the balance, Mandi and Grae fight to save the people they love, and with them, all of mankind.

Previously $4.99