Case Files of an Urban Witch Complete Series Boxed Set: An Oriceran Urban Cozy

by Martha Carr

Magic is real, but the world isn’t ready to know it. It’s up to the Silver Griffins to keep it a secret. It’s harder than it sounds, especially in Los Angeles.

Lucy Heron is a mom with three kids, and a baker with a happy marriage in sunny Echo Park. She’s also Silver Griffins Agent 485. She has to balance family life, PTA meetings and her secret agent duties. She has a wand and a mission.

Fighting supernatural crime from a minivan while keeping the magical world a secret is a fulltime job. Not to mention everything else.

And now, a monstrous loan shark is spreading his shadowy empire from a hidden kemana. Mix in a tribe of ancient witches and tunnel-dwelling magical misfits.

Los Angeles is hiding secrets just underneath your feet.

Can Lucy put the bad guys behind bars and get home in time for family dinner?

Get the complete series boxed set to find out!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban