Captivity (The Faction War Chronicles #1)

by Nadine Little

Anita Carmichael’s sister was destined to be First Minister until a bloody day of assassinations fractured Scotland into warring factions. The People’s Republic, her sister’s legacy, didn’t strike first.

But they will strike last.

Revenge is the only thing that’s sustained Anita these past ten years. She’s not interested in destroying the country or ruling the world. She just wants answers.

Unlike some. When she is sacrificed to the mercy of her enemies, her dreams of avenging her sister and ending the war slip from her grasp. Luckily, surrender isn’t in her DNA.

Brutalised, scarred and alone, Anita can trust no one, especially the most radical faction claiming to know who killed her sister. As she’s forced to make a terrible choice, she realises too late that the truth won’t set her free.

The truth will destroy everything.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian