Captain Jenkins: Episode 1: Flowers for Alcyon

by Jessica Scott Romano

In the year 2260, no less than twenty-three Alternate Earths have been discovered. Each one of them is nearly identical to our own Earth, with one major difference: they are all inhabited by beings that went extinct on our planet long ago, or that many think never existed at all.

At just sixteen years old, Captain Alcyon Jenkins is the youngest woman to ever be awarded command of her own ship and her own crew to lead up into the breathtaking cosmos she has always dreamt about.

She and that crew are tasked with returning contraband to the as-yet-unexplored Alternate Earths… if they can manage to get along for more than five minutes.

But an ancient curse, a kidnapping, a race through the jungle, and a dead body on the bridge might just make for a good team-building exercise…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera