Capital Starship

by Scott Bartlett

Last time, the aliens smashed the galaxy.

Humanity held on by the fingernails.

In the decades since, we’ve put worlds back together.

We’ve licked our wounds.

But Captain Husher warned us they would return.

We didn’t want to believe him. We couldn’t afford to believe him.

Doesn’t matter. The enemy has returned, with weapons beyond anything we’ve dreamed of.

Now, it falls to Husher and his troubled crew to save us.

There’s just one problem. First, he must save us from himself.

Sci-fi with a bold streak. Download Capital Starship today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Pride of the Fleet

by Scott Bartlett

A new ally with a dark past

Even against a godlike alien enemy, there is hope.

A new ally has arrived in the galaxy…but it’s a mixed blessing.

Their military might could prove a boon to the war effort. But they’re clearly hiding a lot, and Captain Husher’s trust is already worn thin.

He can’t afford distractions. Armed with new tech that could revolutionize space combat, he pushes for humanity to take the fight directly to the enemy.

Except, his enemies are numerous, and they’re not all on the other side.

Download Pride of the Fleet today and dive into this fast-paced military science fiction series.

Previously $3.99