Cancer Under the Carpet: The Pathologist Chronicles

by Sonya Naryshkin

During a routine day at work, Dr. Sophie Cadeaux, a community hospital pathologist, notices an unusual test result. She innocently asks for a simple scientific explanation, but when none is forthcoming, she begins searching in earnest for answers. She is concerned that the unusual test result may not be an isolated event, and that other patients may be in danger. Multiple unexpected roadblocks thwart her quest to find answers, including attempted bribes, threats, and censorship. As time goes on, she finds herself increasingly in the throws of an unwelcome world where establishment medicine, academia, and corporations intermingle in a compromised and nefarious way. an she make it through the journey unscathed? Can her patients be protected? Step into her world in Cancer Under the Carpet to join her and find out.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering