Calm Before the Witch Storm

by Constance Barker

When Nann moves to a new town to take over her late Aunt’s home she didn’t expect to find shifters, fairies, and a pig familiar. But far out creatures is just the way she likes it being a Druid witch.

When boys go missing, Nann knows it’s magic gone haywire. Now she needs the help from new friends to fight an evil force.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Witch is in the Details

by Constance Barker

Murder by Voodoo Dolls?

Nann calls them poppets, but the rest of the town calls them voodoo dolls and they keep popping up around dead people.

The mill’s board has come together to address whether they will accept the town’s buy out program and reopen the mill. Lakeshore Properties continues to seethe, wanting the property for their own gain. And Magic seems to swirl around the entire town.

Previously $3.99