Call of the Dragonbonded

by JD Hart

Conner Stonefield is a smart though idealistic teen whose future could not be brighter. Everything from his vocation to the girl he will marry has been planned. So when he receives the Calling and embarks on his trek to find his life-long animal bond, he is far from prepared for the adventure ahead, or for the Cosmic “gift” he is about to receive.​

On the other side of the realm, the headstrong Princess Veressa of Griffinrock demands secret training from her prudish yet powerful Ranger protector. Veressa, too, receives the Calling and drags her mentor along on one last high adventure.

As the paths of these two 16-year-olds begin to intertwine, neither can foresee the desperate struggles before them nor the heroic journeys they will be called upon to undertake.

The first of the four-book adventure “The Dragonbonded Return” series, Book 2 in the series will be released 3/11/2018.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age