by Scott Walker

My life depends on keeping a secret.

My name’s Keiko Miller. I’ve been an agent at the Los Angeles Bureau of Souls office for four years, and I’m one of the best. I ought to be – I’m part Yokai.

So trust me when I say I know all about the supernatural entities who suddenly appeared in Japan thirty years ago. I’m one of them.

My job is bringing Yokai criminals to justice, and my kitsune powers give me a massive edge at work. Downside? The Bureau has a policy against hiring Yokai. If they ever learned about my kitsune powers and my secret past, they’d banish me from the physical plane. Or worse.

When a Yokai on the run pleads for protection, I follow my gut and help her. When she turns up dead just hours later, I follow my oath and begin hunting for her killer – even if means I may have to reveal my kitsune side…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Scott Walker

Curiosity almost killed this kitsune.

When ordinary objects transform into sentient beings, I’m dragged into a far more sinister threat.

Rifts appear in the veil, the barrier separating the physical plane from the Yokai home world. Objects come to life. People are dying. Par for the course for a Bureau of Souls Agent like me.

But when my magical koi fish, Madara, starts acting weird, things get tricky. Option A is solving the case but revealing my kitsune side. Option B means a lot of people will die, but I stay safe.

I really need to find option C. Like, yesterday.

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