Burning Ground

by D. A. Galloway

Pennsylvania, 1971: Graham Davidson is a young man with survivor’s guilt after the death of three siblings. Seeking a direction in his life, Graham learns about vision quests from a Crow Indian. He secures seasonal employment in Yellowstone National Park and embarks on a spiritual journey.

Wyoming Territory, 1871: At a sacred thermal area under a full moon, Graham travels back in time to the Yellowstone wilderness. He joins a group exploring the region. His perilous forty-day journey through the future park is marred by a horrific tragedy in a geyser basin, a grizzly bear attack, and an encounter with hostile Blackfeet Indians. Graham falls in love with Makawee, a beautiful Crow woman who serves as a guide. As the expedition nears its conclusion, he is faced with an agonizing decision.

Does he stay in the previous century with the woman he loves or travel back to the future?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel