Buried Heroes

by Beth Ball

You were right, your father’s amulet is magical. Just not in the way you thought.

The stones echo as Iellieth Amastacia drags her heels through the corridors of Io Keep, bidding farewell to the few inside the castle walls who have offered her moments of happiness. Despite her best efforts, Iellieth can no longer resist the forced marriage her stepfather placed at the end of her path. A final transmigration stands between her and the slammed door.

But destiny—and the amulet—have other plans for the half-elf.

And Iellieth will not adventure alone.

Forces awaken across the world of Azuria, ancient enmities stirring that have remained stagnant for thousands of years. In book one of the Age of Azuria epic fantasy series, a noblewoman, a pirate, and a druid must confront the first crashing wave in a rising tide of shadow.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic