Burden of Power

by Caren Hahn

She’s not ready to rule. But when the king goes mad, she doesn’t have a choice.

As the first female heir to the throne of Rahm, Ria is surrounded by skeptics. Her dazzling wit and easy confidence hide the truth: she really doesn’t know what she’s doing. But she’d better learn fast because her father’s volatile behavior is getting worse.

When the king gets embroiled in a power struggle with Merek, captain of the Wall Guard, Ria sees an opportunity. She proposes a tour of the damaged wall, giving her an excuse to prove herself by acting in her father’s stead.

But Merek doesn’t have time for Ria’s schemes. A criminal network has infiltrated a critical border city, and he resents being pulled from his post.

Stubborn wills collide as Ria and Merek wrestle in a shifting balance of power. Can they learn to trust each other before the threat to Rahm comes dangerously personal?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Pain of Betrayal

by Caren Hahn

As trust grows, so does the risk of betrayal.

Under the threat of war in Endvar, Ria returns to Albon to find that the king has retreated to an unfinished tower to nurse his paranoid delusions. His anger against Merek has turned to violent rage, which escalates until Merek is arrested for treason. In a desperate attempt to save Merek, Ria risks the very relationship they’ve built—one which she hopes will lead to marriage and stability for the kingdom.

But Merek isn’t interested in the kind of loveless marriage Ria proposes. Even as he wants to keep her at a distance, he finds himself unwillingly getting caught up in her schemes.

This time, her dishonesty leads to disaster.

Previously $4.99