Brilliant White Peaks

by Teng Rong

In this award-winning adventure novel, a young wolf fights for his survival after separating from his pack.

His first winter. What should have been a prosperous time for wolves turns out to be harsh, cold, and barren. In a desperate effort to find food, the narrator’s Ma and Pa take him and his sister White-Ears across treacherous mountain terrain, where they are ambushed by a hostile wolf pack. The attack maims his sister and scatters his family.

Alone and scared, the yearling wolves do the only thing they can: hide and wait. They don’t yet have the skills to survive on their own. But they must, until help arrives. As the days drag on, deep hunger sets in, and White-Ears’s injuries worsen.

But what if help never comes?

Winner of the 2022 Library Journal IAP – Young Adult Novel – Ontario
Winner of the 2022 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award – Children’s/Young Adult Audiobook

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age