by Joshua Cook

The Echo World

An Echo of our world, it is a place of danger, subject to the whims of the Slyph, a powerful magical creature who wants only one thing, control over all magic, even the magic of our world. Wild creatures, drawn from the deepest fears of the human mind serve her with a fanatical devotion.

Cendan Key

A man who makes his living being logical and rational, and doesn’t believe in magic. He turns his mind to the cold world of making everything efficient and structured. A near missed encounter with the Slyph’s prime hunter turns his world upside down, as he is drawn into a world he doesn’t understand, but only he can save.


The Slyph’s prime hunter of those Humans who can use magic, it lives to feast and eat. Growing in power with every successful hunt, it chafes under the control of the Slyph. Increasingly it desires to feed on all magic, even the magic of the Slyph herself.

The Bridgefinders

An ancient order, dying out but still tasked with protecting this world from the powers of the Slyph, they need a miracle to turn the tide of the eon long war with the Slyph. Cendan Key could be that miracle, if anyone can tell him how.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban