Bridge of Eternity

by Amelia Cole

Reckless conflict photojournalist Ella Dawson is on a mission to show the world the truth and help end the bloodshed. But while in the middle of a war-torn city, she witnesses a totally-not-legal package exchange.

When the deal goes south, Ella is left in possession of a mysterious artifact-a bronze statue of the Mesopotamian goddess, Inanna. A secret, ancient power awakens within the statue and in Ella. Bestowed the role of guardian to a celestial bridge that connects this world to the world of the gods, she must use her newfound abilities to protect it.

But another seeks the statue, and so she’s forced to partner with a headstrong mercenary-who also happens to be her ex-lover-Ella must do everything she can to stop the bridge from being used for selfish purposes, or untold devastation will erupt.

And Ella has seen enough to last her a lifetime.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban