Brian Helsing: The World’s Unlikeliest Vampire Hunter – Box Set Books 1-3

by Gareth K Pengelly

When Helsing XII, latest in the long line of badass vampire hunters, dies, no-one would have expected his magical Ring of Power to be handed down to an idiot – least of all said idiot, Brian Trelawney, the most hapless car salesman in the whole county of Cornwall!

Lanky, awkward, and without a courageous bone in his body, Brian must take up the mantle of heroic doer of derring and face-off against the dread creatures of the night that, for some reason, seem to plague this far-flung, sleepy corner of the British Isles.

This collection contains the first three novels in the Brian Helsing series:

Mission One – Just Try Not to Die.
Mission Two – Surf’s Up.
Mission Three – Howlin’ Mad.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban