Breeder: Arrow’s Flight 1

by Casey Hays

In a primitive village over a hundred years after a world war, we meet Kate. It’s her sixteenth birthday, the stars have aligned just so, and Kate has been given her assigned duty: breeder. This is a privileged and honorable role, a role that brings new life. But from day one, Kate has fought against it, outright defying Fate and her ruling constellation, The Archer. She holds out hope that there is something, or someone, bigger than the stars who can make sense of her life and explain why she feels so differently about the ways of the Village. Her rebellion is short-lived, and she is forced to the Pit where she meets Ian, her mate. Ian is a mystery, and Kate soon realizes that Ian is not like the rest of the “stock.” In fact, he’s not like anything she’s ever seen in her life.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian