by Michelle Diener

Sofie lives in the shadow of Felicitos–the tethered way station built to funnel Garmen’s mineral wealth off-planet. Because Garmen is a breakaway planet, not part of the Verdant String Coalition, the companies that control it run things as they see fit, and Sofie is part of the resistance that wants to end their rule, although time is running out.

Then she meets Leo Gaudier, a shadowy crime lord who she admires for his ability to cheat their oppressors.

Leo is all too aware he doesn’t know enough about Sofie, something his own people are not slow to point out, but he can’t keep away. When Sofie reveals her links to the resistance, and shares what she knows, he realizes his plan to overthrown the companies that control Garmen in a careful operation of a thousand cuts is no longer workable.

The time has come for a single, lethal strike–and that will not be without consequences . . .

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure