Boxed Set, the Wizards Series

by Jack L Knapp

Do you enjoy stories of ordinary people, espers, with superhuman abilities?
Telepathy, psychokinetics, pyrokinetics, more?
With the possibility that you might become one of them?
Then you’ll love Jack L Knapp’s Wizard Series!
The early users gained their abilities through a CIA-sponsored training program. But then the Talents begin to spread.
Some of the new Talented are criminals.
The police are helpless. Evidence, a logical explanation? There’s none. T and the others decide they must help. Even if it leads to discovery, to return to a life of always running, always hiding.
Because governments will stop at nothing to gain their own espers.
So T and the others will help.
But can even they stand against the madman who thinks he’s a god?
Who shapes mountaintops with mental power alone?

Previously $6.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure