Borrowed Magic

by Stephanie Foxe

I’m Olivia Carter. I have powers that no one should have and no one can know about.
Peddling legal potions isn’t enough to pay the bills, so when an opportunity to work for the vampires fell in my lap, I took it. I heal the people they feed on and don’t ask too many questions.

Paranormals aren’t in the closet, and haven’t been for years, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants us around. The councils keep all the supernaturals in check, but that isn’t enough to satisfy everyone. I keep my head down and follow the rules (mostly), because more trouble with the law is the last thing I need.

When the police show up at my door trying to pin a murder on my employer, and then me, I’ll have to risk everything to save my friends and my future.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban