Born to Magic

by David Wind

If you lived in a Post-Apocalyptic world of Epic Fantasy what would you do if you were told the future of the world is in your hands? Thousands of years after America’s nuclear apocalypse, magical warfare thrives. Can a young sorceress and the high king’s son confront a looming evil and save their world?
3,000 years after after America’s nuclear apocalypse, the inhabitants have evolved, embracing magic warfare. As enemies close in, ancient legends come alive. The only two who can stop the onset of the darkest of evil is the sorceress, Areenna, and Mikaal, the son of the High King of Neveah. With the safety of the world in their hands, will Mikaal and Areenna find the courage and strength to overcome the impossible, or—This first-in-a-series fantasy has 300 + five-star ratings! reviewers call Born to Magic a standout mix between Terry Brooks’ Shannara and The 100 by Kass Morgan

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure