Bongo & Delilah Break Daytona

by Winnie Winkle

Wildly hilarious, unique, and refreshing… a place where space, snark, and booze mix into a perfect adventure!

Location: Earth. Bongo needs a serious break from life. When her best friend, Delilah, offers her a chance to go on a road trip to Florida, Bongo isn’t about to turn the offer down. What she doesn’t expect is to find an alien hitching a ride in the back of the pickup!

Blleburbk’s arrival outside a Pennsylvania bar was completely unplanned. Seeking refuge seemed like a good idea at the time. All he has to do is charm the two Earthlings he has attached himself to and find more Earth volunteers without blowing his cover. Lucky for him, Delilah has a solution.

Can this trio of misfits, with the help of a few extraordinary individuals, outsmart the bad guy and make it to the mothership or will poor Blleburbk end up as dissection fodder? Tune in for their first redonkulous caper.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact