Bone River: A Sword & Sorcery Science Fiction Adventure

by Jesse Sprague

In a galaxy haunted by tragedy, Flynt is determined to defy the laws of magic and escape a fate she refuses to accept. After the untimely death of her beloved husband, who shielded her from the same destiny that claimed her mother, Flynt plunges into grief. Yet, amidst her sorrow, a dormant power awakens within her—an ability to manipulate death itself.

Driven to control her newfound deadly skills, Flynt enrolls in a forbidden school, uncovering a formidable power not witnessed in centuries. But when the queen falls gravely ill, Flynt becomes the prime suspect—a necromancer accused of her demise. Now, she must race against time to expose the truth and clear her name before it’s too late.

Jesse Sprague’s Bone River is the explosive first installment of the Last Necro-Equitem series, a dark science fiction fantasy that will captivate you from the very beginning. Follow Flynt’s journe

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure