Blurring Reality

by R. D. Chapman

Normalcy for Jem Wilmont was shattered in the nightmare that killed her best friend and cursed her with the ability to go invisible. She doesn’t want it. Unfortunately, others do. She’s drifting between systems. Hiding. Hunted by a predator who would exploit her ability for his own gain.

The woman Thane Baron is hired to find and help capture is nothing like the assassin he was told. Deceived, betrayed and nearly killed, he learns Wilmont’s secret when she uses it to aid their escape. Now, he is determined to both help and protect her as the enemy spins a devastating web of lies around her. A web that attracts even worse predators and has far-reaching consequences for the Republic.

To survive the lies, to survive the predators, Jem must fully embrace who and what she is. But can she do so without revealing all her secrets?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure