Blue Curse (Blue Wolf Book 1)

by Brad Magnarella

When an elite soldier is transformed into a mythic beast, he’ll do whatever it takes to break the curse and return home to his fiancée. Even if it means battling a brutal dragon shifter…

Blue Wolf is a feature series in the quarter-million selling Croftverse. If you like brawn, brains, and big weapons to go with an even bigger heart, you’ll love the Blue Wolf!

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blue Shadow (Blue Wolf Book 2)

by Brad Magnarella

Hoping to cure his curse and return to his fiancée, Jason agrees to command a corporate monster-hunting unit. Something is snatching children from a small town in southern Mexico. All signs point to vampires — and a darker, more malevolent force. Suddenly, Jason’s ability to lead and his Blue Wolf’s instincts to protect are being tested as never before. Can he rally his misfit crew before the evil claims them? Or will his new team’s first mission be its last?

Previously $4.99