Bloody Beginnings

by Laura Hysell

For family, she would do anything… trust anyone… any thing.

Izzy’s brother, Justin, is missing and presumed dead. He warned her though. Warned her about a vaccine that wasn’t what it seemed. He warned others, too.

Now, Izzy is running away from those with the vaccine, and toward an answer regarding her brother’s whereabouts. The world isn’t what she thought it was, and neither are the people she thought she knew. Vampires prowl the night, werewolves howl at the moon, and the world of the undead is full of torture and death.

As the supernatural world comes to light, Izzy struggles to save her brother, and herself. Finding Justin becomes more desperate as Izzy learns the truth about the vaccine, and the power of blood.

But blood, is just the beginning.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban