Blood Unknown: Legends of Kandoon Book One

by T. Elijah Holt

Kaleb’s dreams are leaving him with a sense of urgency he cannot shake. As he makes his way toward the Kingdom of Laria in the ancient land of Kandoon, Kaleb tries to focus on his mission: recover the mysterious book of Mikhail and bring it back to Haldafell. There the guild, a secretive and powerful magical organization dedicated to maintaining balance in the world of Ilya, awaits it’s return.

Orphaned at birth, and raised by the guild grandmaster, Kaleb is eager to prove his worth to all those who doubt it, including himself. But, Kaleb’s first mission as a guild agent proves to be anything but simple.

Kaleb soon discovers that he’s not the only one tasked with recovering the mysterious book. In a land where magic is reviled and whispers of an impending war are steadily growing louder, Kaleb must find a way to not fail no matter how much it may seem like he’s been set up to.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age