Blood of the Ràej

by Hayley Rae Johnson

“…never trust a Pebble Pincher.”

Terhese’s dream of becoming an Official is within her grasp. Weeks before she is to leave for the Sandstone Academy, her powers show their true colors. Instead of accepting this new identity, she continues on her path and starts classes at the academy. She is warned to keep her magic hidden, but temptations pull from all sides as she spends time with new friends on the beach in the sun and around the bonfires at night, passing the bottles of green and amber liquor. Shadows of extinct creatures and unraveling falsehoods surround her.

How long will Terhese be able to keep her forbidden Ràej powers a secret from everyone she knows, including the man who seems too good to be true?

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Queen of the Ràej

by Hayley Rae Johnson

“Stay hidden to stay alive.”

Terhese has escaped the Academy and is on the run. She is taken in by a ragtag group of Ràej supporters who fight side-by-side with her against Officials and strive to get her to the safe house unharmed. Captains of the underground Ràej group take charge of training and delegating the efforts to prepare for the rebellion. Jensen helps Terhese learn her powers and teaches her more about their Ràej heritage.

A mysterious person visits the Ràej safe house, acknowledging the real Queen. Just a few days later, the Ràej strikes out to destroy the First Pebble in the Northern Plains. The war has begun.

Will Terhese be able to control her powers, earn the respect of the Blood of the Ràej and accept her responsibilities as a leader?

Previously $6.99