Blood Ex Libris

by Raven Belasco

It all started when the dark and mysterious stranger showed up at my children’s reading hour. Of course I noticed him. I’d been single for longer than I care to admit. Me, I’m Anushka Rosetti, head librarian.

He turned out to be a vampire. And not just any vampire: Vlad Dracula.

In a whirlwind of passion and blood-drinking, I made a crucial but impulsive decision: share blood with him a third time, and give up normal human society forever, making my life among the “am’r”—that’s what the vampires call themselves.

The whirlwind just keeps spinning faster. Before I know it, I’m at a summit meeting and then, abducted by Vlad’s enemy. He’s hoping to use me to undo plans to save am’r society from tearing itself apart.

Somehow I have to keep myself from being used as a pawn by the craziest bad guy ever, escape back to the good guys and not be killed in the process.

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Category: Dark Fantasy