Blink 1: Rebel Minds

by C.B. Stone

Aria Grace has always been a rebel.

Well… maybe more like a silent rebel. Okay, maybe that’s not really a thing. Still, she’s totally a rebel in her head. Until she meets gorgeous Wisdom and lets the rebel in her out to play.

Then her world shatters, leaving Aria’s mind spinning and her heart aching. Maybe it was only a dream. A beautiful, fleeting dream. So fleeting, that if she blinked, she could fool herself into thinking it never happened. That he never happened.

But Aria knows better. Wisdom was real. He had to be… right? Soon, Aria finds herself on the run, her life in danger, with no idea who she can trust. Wishing with all her heart she could just go back to dreaming.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


Blink 2: Rebel Minds

by C.B. Stone

Aria Grace is confused, grieving, and scared.

Not to mention royally ticked. Just who is this Jameson guy, and what was her sister into? And what does her sister’s boyfriend Reed know?

She feels like her life has blown up in her face, and even her best friend holds secrets. When Jameson drops another bombshell on her, she’s caught up in emotional turmoil just before they are thrust into an unexpected rescue mission.

Before she can blink, she and an unlikely gang are fleeing for the mountains, into the mysterious territory of the Untouched. All Aria can do now is pray for God to equip her for what comes next. Whatever that may be.

Previously $2.99

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