Black Moon Sing

by L. M. Hawke

The hunters have become the hunted.

A dark force is targeting a secret enclave of shapeshifters in the desert Southwest, delivering them to grisly fates. Suspected of witchery and cast out of her human society, it’s up to Ellery Chee, a lone coyote shifter, to stop this dangerous magician before her world is destroyed.

But Ellery will have to team up with other outcast magic-users to get the job done. It’s a tall order to find witches and Fae who will agree to work with a shifter. It’s even tougher to convince Hosteen Sikaadii, an all-too-human detective, that Ellery is working for good, not evil.

Without Hosteen’s help, she won’t have a chance at stopping the slaughter. And she just might be the next shapeshifter who’s slated for a bloody end.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban