Black Man White Man

by Nathan Squiers and Joe Janowicz

What’s black and white and red all over…?

Detective Levont James knows that death wears many faces. He’s seen them; he’s chased them; and he’s haunted by them. When he wakes up in a blood-splattered hotel room, however, he finds that death can also wear no face at all.

Chased back into his daily life of mystery and murder, Levont finds himself followed by terrible questions of “what if:”

“What if it was my fault?”

“What if I know more than I like?”

“What if… it was me?”

Now, locked in a terrible race against both a psychotic killer and his own dwindling sanity, Levont already knows his life will never be the same. Just who is this mysterious, seemingly supernatural killer? What is his connection to Levont; to his failing marriage; to his horrific and tragic past?

And, the biggest question of all:

What sort of man will Levont be when he finally finds out?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban