Black Magic Outlaw Books 1-3

by Domino Finn

My name is Cisco Suarez, but I’ve been called a lot of things. Wizard, hit man, black magic outlaw. I guess one day I finally went too far because someone left me for dead in a dumpster.

That should’ve been it for me. End of story. But I’m not like most people. Compelled by equal doses of voodoo and sheer grit, I came back… and I want answers.

Which might explain the zombie pit bull sniffing after me. And the automatic weapons. But I’m too stubborn to back down. I’ll go through a voodoo gang, a shape-shifting trickster, and a bloodthirsty vampire if it gets me out of this.

And maybe I’ll get a little more than that too. My old life back. A cleared name. A city to protect from the kinds of monsters who did this to me.

Not too shabby for a dead man.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban