Black Blood: Book One of the Darkside Chronicles

by Olivia Hillier

In a world where scars run deep and darkness lurks beneath the surface, seventeen-year-old Liam finds himself entangled in a web of mystery and intrigue. Haunted by his father’s tragic demise and violent altercations, he is forced into a teen mental rehab facility.

Within the confines of this unordinary camp, Liam stumbles upon an enigmatic young woman, whose presence evokes an unexpected connection. A mysterious being, her veins pulsating with obsidian blood. Using her dark essence as a catalyst, part one of her list of deadly sins. She’s discovered the one that she has been looking for… Liam.

Drawn to the allure of this hidden world, Liam’s torn between succumbing to the darkness, deep threads of desire and protecting all he holds dear. As the boundaries between realities blur and time collapses upon itself, an epic war of unimaginable proportions unfurls.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age