Bivrost Nine

by Andrew Tanner

Can a war survivor turn a city in space into the galaxy’s last best hope for peace?

Nysse Ann Hazara-Ghazi has spent thirteen years traveling the Three Arcs from Core to Rim and Frontier to Desolation, trying to forget the awful Human-Othren war that killed all her dearest friends.

But a weary warrior with decades of experience working alongside Aliens is a valuable commodity in the twenty-second century, eight decades since Earth learned the secret to swift travel between the stars and humanity joined a burgeoning interstellar community. Tensions are again on the rise between the great powers, and many fear a new strife is brewing, well aware of the Plague that so often comes when planets go to war.

Now Nysse has a new mission: take command of a remote outpost thousands of light years from Earth, home to a unique effort that seeks to give form to an old dream: a place where the many

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire