Bitter Aries

by Paul Sating

All demons have magic.
Except one.
And that’s just the beginning of his troubles.

No job, no hope, and not a lick of magic, Ezekial Sunstone has little going for him.

Lucifer’s Council changes his fortunes when they select him to recapture a runaway who also happens to be one of the oldest and most powerful magic users in history.

Facing a vastly powerful demon is one problem. The fact the Overworld is the only place demons can die is slightly more troubling.

How can he defeat one of the Underworld’s most powerful magic users in Hell? What surprises will Aries have in store?

This could be his shot at redemption, or it might be the most humiliating event in a life full of them.

A young demon without magic versus one of the oldest of their kind with immeasurable power.

Hell hath no fury like like a demon without a chance.

No magic, no problem, right?

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Horn of Taurus

by Paul Sating

No good deed goes unpunished.
Especially when you work for Lucifer.

Siding with a runway demon might not have been Ezekial Sunstone’s smartest move.

After failing in his first mission for Lucifer, he never thought the Council would give him a second chance.

Disappointing friends, family, and Hell’s rulers made his life difficult enough. Living as Hell’s only demon without magic is just a cruel fate.

When the Council calls on him to steal a powerful artifact, Ezekial finds himself teaming with his best friend and his worst nightmare.

Betrayed by those he trusted most, he has lost faith in demonhood. Is this new opportunity rectify past wrongs, or will it make him wish he was born an angel?

There is only one way to find out.

Fail Lucifer once, shame on you. Fail Him twice and you might never get a chance to fail Him again.

Previously $2.99