Birth of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set

by N.D. Roberts

In the brief pause between apocalypses, one woman standing for honor, courage, and commitment will bring the UnknownWorld back from the brink. Civilization has fallen after the World’s Worst Day Ever. Sarah Jennifer Walton is Earth’s last hope to save humanity.

Civilization has fallen in all but a few places as the Madness ravages Europe and Asia. America is the last holdout against the corruption causing nanocytes to malfunction.

Bethany Anne is far away fighting for the survival of the entire universe, unaware that her technology has turned on humanity.

Earth needs a protector from Bethany Anne’s line, and the Kurtherian Lilith has found her champion.

Get the complete 3-book boxed set to discover how the new world unfolds after apocalypses. Join her and the rest of Earth’s inhabitants on the journey to the Age of Magic.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering