Birth of a Unicorn and Other Stories

by Sandra Bell Kirchman, Stephanie Cress, Eric Esteb, Merrianna Mutton, Steven Watts, Brian Tuomi, Suzette Marie Lydick, Joshua Kurtz

“Birth of a Unicorn” – A youth and his horse make a desperate dash across unfriendly territory to save a village. Along the way, he finds death, life, and a miracle.

“Pearls and Bone” – When a creature from legend washes up out of the sea, a deaf woman’s kindness and a guardsman’s conscience are all that stand between their town’s hatred and an entire race’s damnation.

“Old Stories for New” – There’s magic in stories, as a young woman discovers on her journey to recover her identity…and her shoes.

“Magic Is Not Always the Answer” – When teacher knows best, what can you really expect to happen?

“Tier” – A young thief makes headline news, just not exactly in the way he expected.

Plus 7 more!

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories