Beyond the Tower

by JacQueline Vaughn Roe

Why did she cast me out? She says I betrayed her.

Rapunzel grew up within the safety of the witch’s walls.
She could hear children playing, people talking, boys teasing–but was forbidden to know anyone. When she grew older, the witch moved her far from her beloved walled-in garden and imprisoned her in a tower. Rapunzel remained there until she betrayed the witch and was banished to wander the “world of men.”

Now on her own, Rapunzel must find a way to discover a life beyond her tower, a world the witch warned her of. Bewildered by the rules polite people follow, she struggles knowing she doesn’t belong. Stumbling over other fairytale stories and the strange God people worship, can Rapunzel discover a way to make friends and stop roaming? When haunted by disturbing dreams, will she find a way to free herself of the witch’s hold?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Amidst the Castles

by JacQueline Vaughn Roe

A vengeful witch. A controlling prince. Will Rapunzel find her way?

When Rapunzel leaves behind the Dark Wood of her haunted dreams, she stumbles headfirst into a world of fairytale mysteries Amidst the Castles.
Princesses dancing their slippers to ruin.
Wild swans chasing her.
An accusation of murder!
Though no longer alone on her journey, Rapunzel wonders where her life is going and if she should share it with the troubadour prince.
Why is he convinced they must be together?
Cat reappears and Rapunzel gets a hint as to who she once was. What could have caused her transformation?
And as all these questions weave themselves together, Rapunzel must decipher how to get the witch to relinquish her hold.

Is there such a thing as happily-ever-after?

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