Beyond the Last War: The Wayward Mercenary

by Claude McKenna

​The Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war, and the few humans left scratch across the barren deserts in search of survival. It is a land where law has no meaning and mutated animals scavenge for flesh. It is the post-apocalyptic world Beyond the Last War.

While the rich flourish in neo-cities high above the nuclear soot, the poor are forced to eek out an existence among a landscape rocked by centuries of conflict and environmental degradation. With the impoverished banished to these decrepit soot cities, street gangs thrive, and rivalries often end in deadly violence.

Join mercenary Johnnie Bernstein as he fights his way across a dystopian world full of bizarre and blood-thirsty creatures, fascist regimes, and deranged barbarian tribes.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure