Between Life and Death: Dead Woman’s Journal

by Ann Christy

If there’s one good thing about the end of the world, it’s that Jillian wasn’t alone when it happened. At least no one in her neighborhood is trying to eat anyone else. The rest of the world isn’t so lucky. Where the Awakened roam, terror follows.

A medical miracle is the cause of it all. What’s worse, almost everyone has some form of it in their system. From lowering cholesterol to reviving heart attack patients, medical nanites changed the medical landscape is wonderful ways. Then those miracles turned bad, creating the Awakened…and all they want to do is eat. Nothing is safe from them, not even other people.

Within the safety of their small waterfront neighborhood, Jillian and her neighbors must forge a new path that will keep them safe and alive. Within each of them lies the seeds of their own destruction. For Jillian, the price of living might be too high to bear.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic