Beneath the Ruins

by Louis Woyak

The month of Darkness is quickly approaching. It is a time when the denizens of the night roam the land freely and the citizens of Arkdale lock themselves behind their high walls. A secret has been uncovered at the ancient ruins of the HARP that could unlock the past and reshape the future. One that has gained the attention of Arkdale’s mysterious Architects and their militia of men and machines.

Once orphans, now outcasts, the four inseparable friends must find a way to survive in a dystopian world of metal monsters and unspeakable horrors. They must rediscover the truths of a forgotten age to endure the surging storm.
But why is one of them changing in inexplicable ways?
Can they trust the strangers that suddenly appear to help them?
And most importantly, what is buried beneath the ruins?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian