Ben Archer and the Alien Skill (The Alien Skill Series, Book 2)

by Rae Knightly

Alien or human?

Ben Archer struggles with the alien power that he was entrusted with. Is his body rejecting it? Why are the aliens so interested in the power?

When tragedy strikes, he must come to terms with the skill before it is too late.

The quest to find out why aliens crossed the universe and crashed their ufos on Earth continues in book two of The Alien Skill Series: a science-fiction adventure story for fans of Lost in Space and A Wrinkle in Time. The young-at-heart will revel in this action-packed series filled with engaging characters, and a riveting ‘alien’ hunt.

“Sometimes the 2nd book in a series isn’t as good as the first but this one is definitely worth reading.” (Goodreads reviewer)

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure