Beggar’s Rebellion

by Levi Jacobs

Current Finalist in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO

Tai Kulga lost the rebellion and his best friend on the same day, stripping him of the will to live even as a strange power flooded his bones. When the friend returns as a spirit guide, it feels like a second chance—but his friend is not who he says, and the Councilate is not done oppressing his people. To save the rest of his friends, dying in the Councilate’s prison camp, Tai must find the last of the rebels and convince them to risk a jailbreak.

Along the way he meets Ellumia Aygla, runaway Councilate daughter posing as an accountant to escape her family and the avarice of the capital. Curious about the link between spirit guides and magic, her insights earn her a place among the rebels, and along with Tai’s new power help turn the tide against the oppressors.

But to win must they become the monsters they fight?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic