Before We Die Young Books One-Three

by L.T. Quartermaine

A thrilling new 3-book series of courage, loyalty and respect for all living things. A contemporary story sweeping the reader from the vast Savanna Plains of East Africa, with many of the animals found there featuring as characters in the story, to the tropical fields of South East Asia and up to the high mountain plateaus of Alaska, before returning to Africa for an uplifting and inspiring climax.

Diversity rocks!

‘Such a unique collection of books! The story is so interesting, and so unlike the majority of books I have read! If you are tired of the same tropes over and over, give this a try!’

‘You will need tissues!’

‘Some of the most courageous, strong and resourceful characters I’ve come across in a fiction series. Watching them triumph over the odds they face is inspirational.’

‘Completely unique, completely creative, and completely enthralling!’

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age